TheraPulley ™: The optimal training tool to Prehab, rehab, stay well and fit

TheraPulley ™: The optimal training tool to Prehab, rehab, stay well and fit

Fitness At Home. On-The-Go. And On-The-Field.

The TheraPulley™ by QTEK Products is revolutionizing the way we look at exercises, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Yousef Ghandour PT, MOMT, FAAOMPT brings an insight and a unique perspective on pulley exercise philosophy that traces back to to the ancient days of building pyramids.The TheraPulley™ is portable, adaptable, diverse, and durable and is an essential tool to  bridge the gap from the clinic to the client’s hand. Adaptable to the pro athlete to a stay-at-home-mom! Before you know it the TheraPulley™will become your gym in a bag, accessible to you anywhere you go!

imageedit_12_9771125573For an injured muscle, precision in exercises is one of the most important components to a successful rehabilitation. The traditional use of elastic cords and elastic bands does not provide constant resistance through the Range of Motion (ROM);  The TheraPulley™ provides constant resistance, is applicable to all body parts and supports the nervous system much more than the rubber band’s capabilities. The TheraPulley™ is versatile in its functionality working different body parts including the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, core, knee, ankle and foot.

The TheraPulley™ offers great diversity in applications.

  1. Adjustable angles of resistance offer specificity in direction of resistance for the best physiological benefit.
  2. Accommodates athletes and patients preferred position based on tolerance and specificity of training. Varied positions from supine, side-lying, sitting, kneeling and of course standing.
  3. Constant, reproducible and predictable resistance is essential when we exercise based on the functional quality desired.
  4. Diversity in exercises concentric, isometric and eccentric.
  5. Variable Weights used – from household items to 20 pounds.

imageedit_14_2181882284Considering muscle anatomy and  muscle biomechanics, using a pulley type apparatus is consistent with muscle physiology and parallels the length-tension curve.  

The Scandinavian approach (MET) Medical Exercise Therapy and later evolved to S.T.E.P. (Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progression) by the Ola Grimsby Institute has been the key influencers in developing a specific and targeted approach to exercise. Frustrated by the large and expensive products with limited use and lack of portability. The TheraPulley was developed based on the need to train my patients and gives the tools to maintain the gains and improve the way they move. The pulley exercises is an old concept since the day they build the pyramids resurrected and modified to meet today’s challenges of being on the go, pack light and exercise your body. All components are quality made with attention to details.Ball bearing- 360  degrees swivel Q-Pulley makes it possible to exercise with light weights especially for neck and recovering rotator cuff injury.

updated-pic-for-blogA padded multipurpose strap (MPS) offers comfortable strap used for neck exercises and durable enough for leg and spine exercises. Wrapped around the forehead one can perform neck exercises in all cardinal and diagonal planes.



updated-blog-pic-2A padded ergonomic handle provides athlete with a variety of exercises. Having difficulty gripping, move the padded grip and loop your wrist through for comfort



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Yousef Ghandour

Founder of QTEK Products

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