Event Recap: QTEK launches at Gameday Anniversary Day

Event Recap: QTEK launches at Gameday Anniversary Day

Event Recap: QTEK launches at Gameday Anniversary Day

On January 14th, 2017, we participated in the anniversary event for Gameday Sports, a baseball and softball retail store located in Poway, San Diego. We had the great opportunity to showcase the immense value that the TheraPulley provides for our local San Diego baseball players. The afternoon featured Founder and Inventor of QTEK products, Yousef Ghandour and loyal Gameday customers getting first-hand insight on the multi-faceted use of the TheraPulley. Yousef answered a range of questions from overall health benefits of using the TheraPulley to exercising core to elevate batting skills. The day was filled with the many baseball fans of local baseball player Domingo Beisbol, so you can imagine the amount of energy that filled the room!

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Yousef impressed the many seasoned baseball players with exercises they could easily do when they are away from the gym and essentially anywhere they go. The real benefit that the TheraPulley provides to our fellow baseball players is to prepare them for the game and avoid injury. It is imperative for baseball players to know this because when it comes to your muscles, building stability around those more vulnerable areas can make or break your next season out in the field. Yousef understands the value of prehab and rehab for training the body joints, ligaments and muscles.

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The baseball training aspect of the TheraPulley is also a fantastic benefit for results of countless innings in the many successful seasons to come. Shoulder exercises such as internal rotation and external rotation will help prevent anterior shoulder pain, which could really affect players in the long run. We can’t forget the hip exercises that Yousef shared with everyone! From the hip abductor to the hip external rotation, these exercises are meant to keep players strong while running, pitching and ultimately making those home runs unforgettable. The many people who tested out the TheraPulley were intrigued by Yousef’s #1 goal to unload the stress and tension that builds up in the ligaments by building muscle to support it. This, in turn, will result in improved endurance which prevents injuries from happening altogether!

We were happy to have launched the TheraPulley at Gameday Sports. As you can see Yousef had a lot of fun doing so!

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