The Art Behind The Leather Belts

The Art Behind The Leather Belts

  The Art Behind the Leather Belt

It was not too long ago that Yousef Ghandour, founder of QTEK products discovered the great qualities that leather can have for a patient who is going through the post-injury process. In 1988, Yousef came across a patient whose passion and inspirations came from his profession in leather tooling. Yousef enjoys being able to coach his patients just as much as he does learning from them and any knowledge they are willing to share with him. The leather guru explained the ins and outs of genuine leather, helping him cultivate, shape and paint the leather which is now the leather belts he’s made for QTEK, used for clinics and gyms.




Handmade in the USA, these 100% leather belts are tooled and crafted to offer support, resistance, versatile function and mobilization in the joints and muscles! This is great for physical therapists to equip their clinic with these accessories to pulley equipment for lasting and durable use.

Here are several exercises you can do using the leather belts with light and heavy weights or with a clinical pulley:

Hip Hip Hooray

This hip abduction exercise is great for toning the hip muscles and indirectly helps stabilizes the lumbar spine. This helps with balance and ankle/foot proprioception. Accenting the exercise with extension and external rotation movement adds to greater functionality and added edge.

To learn more about Hip Hip Hooray, we recommend this great article: Read now!


The Spinal Leather Strap:

In side lying position,  cranial or caudal rotation of the thoracic and lumbar spine is a perfect exercise when it comes to utilizing the spinal leather strap. Great for early spinal mobilization, coordinative training, and ROM


The Shoulder and Knee Leather Strap:

This durable heavy duty shoulder and knee leather strap can be used to isolate the exercises on the knee and hip joint especially with heavier weights.


The Wrist and Ankle Leather Strap:

This strap will best help those athletes to exercise the wrist, elbow, shoulder and lower extremity muscles. The belts help support different limbs, allowing patients to challenge different muscles depending on placement of belt.


Be sure to take a look at the different leather belts that QTEK has to offer, customizable to the muscle injury you are currently struggling with. Shop now so you are on your way to a speedy recovery! Also, don’t miss out on a limited time offer of getting 20% off your leather belt purchase with the promo code: qtekbelts20


All The Best,

The QTEK Team

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